Intelligence-Based Security Methodology (IBSM)℠

The great military strategist Sun Tzu said that "to subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill".  At Discernum, we help clients prevent incidents rather than simply react to them.  This is accomplished through the application of Intelligence-Based Security Methodology (IBSM)℠.  When deploying IBSM℠, intelligence techniques are deeply integrated at all levels of security operations.  The foundation of IBSM℠ can be summarized in eight key areas:

  • Foreknowledge through advance surveys and key relationships

  • Knowing the opposition's methods of operation

  • Utilization of behavior analysis

  • Focusing of resources towards the most probable and critical threats

  • Situational awareness through counter-surveillance and open-source intelligence (OSINT)

  • Avoiding routine, and disrupting the opposition's ability to plan through use of denial & deception

  • Thorough analysis of all available information in support of a reduction in vulnerabilities and avoidance of threats

  • Ongoing testing of security plans through red-teaming