We empower you with better foreknowledge, insight, and awareness into situations impacting the security of your assets.

A security program that is not effectively integrating intelligence is left in a reactionary position and can only be expected to do damage control once an incident occurs.  By applying intelligence methods to security operations, protectors are able to go on offense and proactively mitigate risk.

Travel Intelligence

If your VIPs or employees are traveling to a foreign country, we can provide pre-trip travel security briefings.  During the trip we are able to remotely monitor the situation at a specific location in near-real-time.

Investigative Guidance

Discernum provides assistance to investigators that have seemingly reached a dead-end in their search for answers.  Our creative problem-solving approach can provide a new perspective on a situation, shining light on previously unforeseen solutions.


If your organization's information is a likely target of a competitor or foreign state, we provide simple and effective advice on how to reduce your risk.  We also offer counter-surveillance, and anti-eavesdropping.


We offer intelligence training in disciplines ranging from open-source (OSINT) to surveillance detection and covert surveillance.