Every organization should undergo a security risk assessment.  During the assessment we analyze all threats posed to your assets and make intelligent recommendations on how to protect them.

The need for risk assessment does not end after completion of the initial review.  As time passes new information is acquired and situations evolve.  Risk assessment is a cycle and should be ongoing.

Security Risk Assessment

For high-net-worth persons, public figures, corporations, and private aviation departments, we recommend a broad, General Security Risk Assessment (GSRA) be conducted every 1-2 years.

If a VIP is making a trip overseas or attending a major public event, a Specific Security Risk Assessment (SSRA) may be recommended.

Discernum also conducts threat assessment of persons making or perceived as posing a threat against a VIP or organization.

Our Unique Approach

Some other companies conduct risk assessments from the inside out.  We invert this methodology and assess risk from the perspective of the adversary.  Without perceiving a target from the eyes of the opposition, vulnerabilities will likely be missed, and resources wasted on closing perceived gaps that don't actually exist.

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